Abigail Turner

Abigail Turner

(She/her). Voice of Hallie Harris

Abigail is a voice actor, writer, and martial artist who loves sharing stories. A mighty 22 years under her belt, she records from her studio outside of Philadelphia. When her audio sounds particularly good, it’s probably thanks to her studio cat, Doodle. Ways to her heart: travel, tea, a good book, MMOs, and second breakfast.

James Carpenter

James Carpenter

(He/him). Voice of Edgar Armstrong

James is a professional voice-actor, screen-writer, director and all-round entertainment enthusiast. His most notable performance is his role as the lead character in the podcast H.G. Wells Has His Regrets. He also heads up his own small production company, RoamWild Media, and is constantly looking for new mediums of expression.

Walter Mack

Walter Mack

(He/him). Voice of Michael Grey

Walter is a voice actor based in the Bay Area. Recording out of home, he can mainly be heard in indie games, but has a love for audio dramas. He has made appearances on Caalo Xan, Tunnels, and Seminar. In his free time, he’s often found re-watching his favourite shows.

Graham Rowat 02

Graham Rowat

(He/him). Voice of Caelish

Graham is a New York based actor working in film, television, and stage, most recently appearing in the Broadway production of Steve Martin’s, Meteor Shower.He’s an award winning audiobook narrator and a regular guest on such podcast audio dramas as No Sleep, The Hotel, Copperheart, Among the Stars and Bones, and The SCP Archives. While in high school, Graham was briefly suspended from performing the morning announcements because of “inappropriate sounds”.

Reeko Brooks

Reeko Brooks

(He/him). Voice of Commander Schuul

Reeko is a Las Vegas-based actor and voice actor, best known for You Belong To Me: Sex Race and Murder in the South (2014), Devil In White (2017) and Grey Room: Haven’s Mill (2018). His latest film release was Beauty is Skin Deep, which premiered at Cannes film festival! Reeko is now working on a mini series as a principle character, and has films in production.


Alicia Atkins

(She/her). Voice of Lieutenant Eshpen

Alicia Atkins is 26 and hails from Alabama. She grew up listening to and playing music and participating in community theater. Voice acting has been a fun new experience for her. She is involved with several other podcasts such as Creepy, The Beacon, Copperheart, The Influx, Zoo, and others. When not talking to herself for hours in front of a microphone, she enjoys playing video games and hanging out with her friends/cats.


Arizona Jonson

(She/her). Voice of Private Cardish

Arizona writes podcasts and music out of Seattle, Washington. She currently voices Tala in Dining in the Void and Elise in Interference. Other voice acting credits include Project Ozma, The Glass Appeal, the SVA thesis film Got Your Goat!, Violet Beach, and the lead in the upcoming A June Bug’s Ballad. In real life, she nannies and works on local theatre productions.

Kyle Nishimura

Kyle Nishimura

(He/him). Voice of Lex

Kyle is a California-based voice actor. Still new to the scene, he is currently part of the audio dramas known as Project STELLAR and The Viridian Wilds. When he’s not recording, Kyle can be found running is Dungeons and Dragons game, perfecting his archery skills, playing video games, or finding any kind of adventure to go on.


Tal Minear

(They/them). Voice of Fiona Armstrong

Tal is a SoCal based podcaster with too many passions and too little time. A Mechanical Engineer by daytime, they can be found working on audio fiction by night – or sword fighting, playing DnD, rock climbing, or painting… there’s too much. Tal’s voice is in several indie audio productions, including Ungifts, Sidequesting, Zoo, Inn Between, Monsters Out of the Closet, and Take the Mass Pike. Additionally, Tal co-writes and co-produces Ungifts and is the creator of Sidequesting.


Marnie Warner

(She/her). Voice of Sophia Casana

Marnie is a Chicago based actor venturing into the voice acting world for the first time. Previously she was best known for her musical theater skillz, including her ability to expertly fake tap dancing. Besides theater, she also loves books, travel, and toast.


Anya Cantrell

(She/her). Voice of Lucy Eldridge

Anya is a student from Southampton, currently studying performing arts at college. She has performed in many shows since a young age, but this will be her first professional voice acting experience. Moving forward into her future, she hopes to continue with voice acting.



(He/Him). Voice of Raz Wellesley

Shane has always embraced acting through performing arts such as theatre, LAMDA and improv. Some of his previous roles include his time as part of the chorus for Oliver!, a player in the skit show Shenanigans, and, of course, his role as a pirate captain for a Halloween festival. This is Shane’s first foray into audio fiction, but he hopes to take on many more roles in the future.

Iona Campbell Headshot

Iona Campbell

(She/her). Voice of Annie Hart

Iona is a London-based actor and voiceover artist who spends most of the day holed up inside an elaborately designed home studio, recording audiobooks, audio drama and spots for corporate clients. She loves Shakespeare, and can often be found treading the boards in Elizabethan garb. Other passions include tea, cats, long walks and the pub.