Francesca Mylod-Ford

Creator, writer, director and producer. One half of Turpentine Productions.

Francesca is a nerd from Southampton, England, who likes anything sci-fi and/or fantasy: books, films, TV shows, and of course, podcasts. She is currently pursuing her degree in film, and knits. A lot. Francesca is also the co-producer and assistant writer of H.G. Wells Has His Regrets. Knows a lot of strange stuff about a lot of strange stuff. Fatal flaw: she cannot resist making baby-talk at cats. This will be her downfall.



Emily Hancock

Associate producer and voice of Pat. The other half of Turpentine Productions.

Emily is also a nerd, with a deep love for music, theatre, film, writing and classical authors; namely, a certain science-fiction author born in 1866 who wrote a little book about a TIME MACHINE… She is currently attempting to juggle a film degree, two D&D campaigns, helping to run a drama society, AND writing/recording/editing audio drama H.G. Wells Has His Regrets, with semi-moderate success. She is a strong advocate for the rights of pineapple on pizza. Fatal Flaw: Cannot physically function without tea.


Leila J-A

Leila Jones-Atkinson

Sound design/editor.

Another good old nerd, passionate for music and all things film. A composer and songwriter under the name Astranite, Leila dabbles in video editing and screenwriting, juggling working on her first feature film script, first studio album, and a degree in Music Composition. Her kryptonite: anything chicken and cheese. And living in a world without The Flash on Tuesday nights.


Joash Kari

Joash Kari

Lead composer.

Joash is a professional composer, voice actor, writer and all-round arts fanatic, but music is his main boo. He’s composed for short films, documentaries and all sorts of wonderful creations, not least of all H.G. Wells Has His Regrets. Joash is also a co-founder and the lead composer for production company RoamWild Media.



Imogen Phillips

Consulting Composer.

Imogen is an art student in Wales, which just about says it all, really. She loves painting, writing music and climbing mountains. She recently shaved all her hair off, but just in case you were wondering, she is a ginger. Her superpower is being able to knit with one hand. You can view her work here and here.